About the IMM

IMM is short for International Mini Meeting, an annual event carried out in a different country each year, decided and voted for each year at the IMM by the club Presidents/Chairmen. It originated in 1978 in Germany when it started as a small 3 day camp event on the Whitsun weekend. After several years it's popularity had grown, even over the German borders and this resulted in an International event which takes place every year in a different country. Every 5 years we celebrate the Mini in England where the IMM takes place around the Minis birthday in August.

IMM Bristol is a 5 day festival style 1980s themed event for all ages, and welcomes both classic minis and new MINIs as well as their derivatives. The event opens at mid-day on Thursday 8th August with a gentle build up to the official opening ceremony on Friday night, by which point most of the participants have arrived. Upon arrival, you will be asked for your ticket, which will have been emailed 2-3 weeks before the event. This will be exchanged for a wristband, which must be worn at all times. After signing in, if staying on site, you will find your mini club, camping space or relevant accommodation and settle in, accessing the rest of the venue as and when you are ready. If staying off site, you are welcome to access all areas of the site, including the campsite and you can leave as and when suits. From first arrival, there will already be things to see, including traders, mini displays,street food and drink vendors and meeting points. From Friday there will also be live music/acts throughout the day on the outdoor and indoor stages,plus rides/children's entertainment. On Friday evening the event is officially opened, with a special opening ceremony. Different activities will be organised for Mini drivers and Mini Clubs during the rest of the weekend, including an open topped bus tour, rocker cover racing, club competitions including Sinclair C5 racing and a mini run.

On the Sunday, day tickets will be available and the show will take a different format. Access will not be granted to the camping area unless you have a weekend wristband but in the main site there will be more displays including concours and prize-giving.

An IMM is different to a normal mini show and is all about socialising, meeting lots of other enthusiasts, relaxing and just having fun. After you’ve met and spoken with lots of others, bought all the parts your precious vehicle needs to become even more beautiful and had some fun, the IMM closes with a ceremony on Sunday night. During this event the awards are presented and the IMM key is handed over to the club which organises the event the following year, in our case Germany! You are welcome to leave your tent up for another night and leave on Monday morning to fully take advantage of the event. The site closes at mid day on Monday and when you leave, you will already be dreaming of the next IMM!